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“WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT:  Our Coaches are paid professionals.  We do not use volunteers. Parents just sit back & relax.  We do EVERYTHING!  Our No-Cut Leagues Run Year-Round. Every Child makes a team! We offer 6 sessions per year (Jan/Feb/April/June/Sept/Nov). ALL of Our Youth Soccer Rec Programs include Practices/Training Clinics with Professional Coaches.  Metro is a Teaching Facility.  Our Programs are designed to make your child a better player by understanding the game, positioning, and Techniques.  While we still have games/competitions, our focus is Always on making them a Better Player thru Training & Practices so that they can perform at a superior level no matter where they play”.

Youth Soccer League Ages 5 to 17

There are limited spots. This Program fills up FAST. This a “no cuts” program. Everyone makes a team & plays equally.
Training/Game Sessions are Wednesday/Fridays & Saturdays (other days may be necessary).

*Youth Soccer Schedules Get POSTED On-line the Day after the Assessment date*


Deadline is December 30, 2023.  Skill Assessment Day is Dec. 31, 2023, at 12:00pm for all ages.

You can still definitely play even if you cannot attend the assessment date.  

First Practices are Jan. 3 & 5, 2024. First Games are Jan. 6th, 2024.

*Players MUST wear shin guards to all games, practices, lessons & clinics*

Future League Info:

Deadline is Feb. 17, 2024.  Skill Assessment Day Feb. 19th at 5:30pm for all ages.

First Practices are Feb. 21 & 23. First Games are Feb. 24th.

Practices are typically on Wednesday & Friday Nights. 

Your official schedule will be available after the assessment date & can vary from the below:

*Practice Days/Times can vary based off participation numbers*

Games are on Saturdays.  Practice & Game Times are only approximating.

$199 Per Player. Players from the current session can get a Discount.
-Includes 14 Training Sessions, 7 Games, Professional Coaches, & Team Shirt.

-There are limited Spots in All Sessions. Program may fill up before the deadline.

-Skill Level dictates placement more than Age (at Directors Discretion).

$199 Per Player for ages 5 to 16 years. (Other High School Options:  See Below)
Youth Indoor Soccer is the BEST Way to learn the game of soccer and to perfect your skills in a Fun, but Competitive Learning Environment. Boy’s and girl’s leagues are offered for ages 5 through high school. Indoor (Futsal) Soccer is the best way to learn the game. Futsal Soccer provides a perfect way to enhance every players individual skills. Regardless of the player’s ability, Futsal is Educational & FUN! For spectators, it’s time to relax, enjoy the action and visit with friends while your child becomes a Much Better Soccer Player! Limited Spaces. Call for Details.
The sport is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pinpoint passing, it is an exciting game for children as well as adults. The game is very economical and safe, simple and fun to play. Just by playing with the ball develops precise ball control and technical skill, agility, lightening reflexes and decision making. As the balls have less bounce, they tend to stay in play longer and promote close ball control. After playing in enclosed areas and learning to think and react quickly, players find when they play to the full game they react well under pressure. Playing in enclosed areas develops creativity; players are also constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations in enclosed areas which is a major reason why Futsal is one of the finest teachers of the quick pass and move. In soccer it is very hard to defend against a team that is adept at this type of play. Playing the beautiful game of soccer is developed through Futsal. Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden in the modified game, which results in fewer injuries. It’s no surprise that the game is popular with children, teenagers and adults of both genders and is growing in popularity internationally. Futsal quickly develops skills required for soccer: – balance, motor ability, agility and co-ordination, ball mastery, accurate and quick passing and receiving, perception insight and awareness. Children learn through repetition and practice in small areas this occurs naturally. As Futsal is fast and action packed, fitness is improved while learning and having fun. We find children love playing Futsal. It is exciting, many goals are scored, and the game is devoid of complex rules such as offside. Children learn so much faster if they enjoy the game and spend a lot of time playing with the ball. *Players MUST wear shin guards to all games, practices, lessons & clinics*


NEW High School Soccer Program (dates correspond with Youth Soccer above)

Runs Year Round for ages 14-17 years old.  Train & Play Program.  Skills Sessions each week plus Game Action as well.  Only $199 per child and you get 7 scheduled games as well as 14 training sessions.  We use Paid Professional Coaches.  Parents do Not have to volunteer for anything.  Sit back, relax & watch your child succeed at the sport they love.

*Players MUST wear shin guards to all games, practices, lessons & clinics*


Youth Indoor Soccer Team League: 

Full Team Sign Ups ONLY

*Team League Soccer Schedules Get POSTED On-line the Day after the deadline date*

$85 Per Player: (Full Team Sign Ups ONLY). Choose the $85 Adult Soccer Player fee when checking out on PayPal.

High School or Middle School Open – Division (Can Play Friday Nights & Saturday/Sundays). 

Teams can be all Boys, All Girls or Coed.

(Full Teams ONLY). Teams Can be All Boys, Girls or Coed. This league may sell out before the deadline.

Next League Deadline is Nov. 20, 2023.  Only taking 6 Teams. Starts Dec. 1-3, 2023.

*Players MUST wear shin guards to all games, practices, lessons & clinics*

– Must carry 8 Players Minimum or 12 players Maximum.
– Team Mangers are responsible for All Player Fees. $85 per player.
– No Practices.  Can Purchase Practice Time & Instruction when available.

– Teams provide their own Shirts for these leagues.
– $20 Late Fee for Players accepted/paid after the deadline.

Leagues May fill up before the deadline.  Register Early!

*We try to accommodate Special Requests, but they are NOT Guaranteed*

*Youth Soccer Schedules Get POSTED On-line the Day after the Assessment date*

*Players MUST wear shin guards to all games, practices, lessons & clinics*

Toddler Soccer

For Ages 18 months thru 4 Years. Six Sessions each Year.  Check out The Soccer Tikes Tab or Call for Start Dates.

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Metro Soccer Academy U12 Open Division: 

Undefeated Champs – January 2016

wlp 2016


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