Adult Soccer Leagues

Adult Men’s & Coed Leagues Available

COMING TEAM LEAGUES:  Call (812) 479-5425 for Details or Register On-line Today!

No Refunds are given after the early registration deadline date for any reason. Adult Leagues are Team Leagues. You must have a full team of 8+ to be placed in a league.  Each Team MUST have a minimum of 8 Paid Players by the deadline.  The regular adult soccer fee is $85 per player. If not, the team will NOT be placed in the league, but paid players will be combined with other teams at management’s discretion. We do not place individuals.  You must have a team of 8+ to register for an adult league.

Adult Co-Ed Sunday Night League: Call for Details (Must have full team of 8+) 812-479-5425.

Adult Men’s Open Early Night League: Call for Details (Full teams of 8+ only) 812-479-5425

Adult recreational soccer is a popular form of “social recreation” for adults 16 – 69 years of age. Leagues are set up by age and skill level and can include men’s and coed leagues. Everyone can have fun, from the beginner to the experienced player. The exercise is great, and each game provides the opportunity to meet new friends. Leagues play one night a week for eight weeks. If you have a group of friends or co-workers, you can form a team. We also now offer a league for participants that are looking for exercise, friendship, & FUN. Leagues Run year-round. Register on-line or in person to reserve your team now.  METRO Sports Center is the Tri-States home for high quality soccer, year-round. Why play outdoors anymore when your team can play on our Pro-Field Turf in our climate-controlled facility. Leagues are organized by age and skill level and include men’s, women’s and coed leagues.


During the year METRO will host a variety of your tournaments including soccer, futsal, whiffleball, dodge ball, and flag football.

Adult Team Policies:

You must have your own FULL Team. 8 plus players per team.

You Must officially Roster Your Players on your registration Form.

We do not take individual player sign-ups for adult league. Full teams only.

Payment is due at registration time. Remaining Player Fees are due by the Deadline.

Late Payments accepted carry late fees (Must Carry 8 player Minimum).

No Refunds given after the registration deadline date for any reason.

Payment must be made as one FULL Payment by the Team Manager.

Teams must submit rosters & ALL Payments by the Deadline (Play 6 v 6).

Particular Game Day & Time Requests by Teams will not be accepted.

Leagues are a guaranteed 7 scheduled matches per session.

No Practices or Shirts Provided. Shirts & Practice Time Can Be Purchased From Metro.

Players must wear their team color to each game & also bring a white t-shirt as their secondary color.

Players not wearing the proper colors will NOT be allowed to play (Pennies will not be provided).

Metro has a “NO” Rescheduling Policy.  There is a Guaranteed 7 scheduled games per session.

Each Team MUST have a minimum of 8 Paid Players by the deadline, or the team will NOT be placed in the league.

If not, the team will NOT be placed in the league, but paid players will be combined with other teams at management’s discretion.

Player Sub Policy:  The managers of the team (or player rep) must discuss using a paid & rostered sub with the opposing manager prior to the game starting.  That opposing manager has the right to say yes, or no.  If the answer is NO, you can still use the sub, play the game, but the game is scored as a forfeit.  If the answer is YES, then the game is played & the final result stands.  It is 100% the responsibility of the manager(s) using the sub to ask permission of the opposing team, and then report that to the official prior to the start of the game or use of the player.  If that is not done, the game will be recorded as a forfeit.

No Outside Subs allowed.  A player must be rostered and paid in the league to be used as a sub for another team. Any team caught using an illegal sub will be charged for a full league fee, and will not be permitted to continue their season until the fee is paid in Full. The team manager will be solely responsible for paying the fee.  Discounts are only valid by deadlines & are subject to change without notice.

*Any adult player ejected from a program at Metro, no matter the reason, will be automatically suspended indefinitely without refund.*

*All programs require a predetermined fee or deposit amount, and all paperwork to be filled out correctly by the deadline to receive entry into a league. Metro reserves the right to refuse a team or player entry into any league for any reason or to amend any rules at its discretion. There are no refunds for any reason after the deadline has occurred or a player has participated in a program. *