Day Care Sports Camps

Sports Day Care Camps

*Due to the Medical & Personal info needed, Please register & Pay for all sports day camps in person or via Fax ONLY*

METRO offers sports camp options for ages 5-12 over Spring Break, Summer Break & Christmas Break. Day Camps will include many different sports, including soccer, dodge ball, kick ball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, wiffle ball, arts & crafts, plus other games and fun activities. Your child will return tired and happy at the end of the day. Early drop off and late pick up is available for working families. Please read below for specifics regarding camps. Payment, and Deposit when required, is due at registration time. For sport specific camps, please view that sports page for details. Our Camps are “FUN”!

Holiday Break Camp 2020
Days Offered: December 21, 22, 23, 28, 29,  30, 31. Snacks & Drinks are provided.  MUST bring your own Sack Lunch. Camp is only $40 per day if paid by Dec. 13th. Pick ANY 4 Days for $140. Total 7 Package (All Days) $175.  Sibling Discounts for 4 day, & Total 7 Package is $30 off per extra child. Registrations received & accepted after Dec. 11th will carry a $20 Late fee per child and be full price. Free Early Drop Offs & Late Pickups available upon request. There is a limited amount of spaces. Call Heidi at (812) 479-KICK for details.
• Camps include: Registration fee, AM/PM snack, & drinks.
• Early and late pick ups are included (up to 6:30am & 5:30pm).

Spring Break Camp 2021
March 22-26, 2021. Early Registration for Camp is only $139 for the week if registered by March 8th. Registrations accepted after the 8th can carry a $20 Late Fee and will be Full price. There are multiple sibling discounts available too, please ask. Limited spaces, so call now for details. Once the deadline passes, there is NOT any sibling discounts offered & Camp is the regular price of $175 per child. *Individual Days are being offered at this time ($55 each). There are not discounts offered on Individual days.  812-479-KICK.
• Fees include: Hours are 6:30am to 5:30pm. Activities run 8am-4pm. Registration fee, AM/PM snack, & drinks. MUST bring your own sack lunch.
• Cost of Week is $139 a child ($229 for 2 Kids). Early and late pick ups are included (up to 6:30am & 5:30pm: Late fees apply after 5:30pm)

Summer Camp 2021
• Camps are offered all summer long starting with the 1st week of summer break thru the last week of summer break.
• Camp Fees include: Hours are 6:30am to 5:30pm. Registration fee, AM/PM snack & drinks. MUST bring your own sack Lunch. Deadline to Register May 10, if space is still available. Camp Starts the first day of summer break.  Daily Rates are not offered for Summer Camp.
•Cost of Camp Week is $139 for each week, 3 week minimum. Activities run 8am – 4pm. Early and late pick ups are included (6:30am & 5:30pm: $1 per minute Late fees apply after 5:30pm).  There are not any discounts for one/two week(s). Weeks are not prorated for holidays or being absent.
• Sign ups for camp begin February 1st & spaces are limited to the first 90 children per week registered in full. 1st weeks payment & a $139 deposit for future weeks due at time of registration for all Families. The $139 deposit, for all subsequent summer weeks registered, is due at sign up time to reserve your space in those weeks as well as guarantee any discounted rates. Payments & Deposits are NON-Refundable.
• There is a discount for multiple siblings, 3 week minimum (2 Kids, Every Week=$229 per week, additional kids over 2 = $70 extra for each kid).

* The $139 Deposit, plus the first weeks payment, must be paid by the Deadline to guarantee the discounted rates. 1 week only is $175 per child. If no deposit is paid by the deadline, the Camp Fee is $175 per child per week, if available. (Call Heidi for all details about discounts at 812-479-KICK).

*Individual Days are Not being offered at this time. There are not any discounts available for individual days.


Call Metro at (812) 479-KICK (5425) for any further questions. Fax # is (812) 401-5425.

*There are No Discounts offered after registration deadlines & Late fees apply for all Camps. There are No Refunds or Partial Credits Given for any camp days/weeks**