Basketball Buddies: NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED.
Currently offering for Ages 3 to 6. Separate classes for different age groups. This developmental program uses a variety of FUN Games to delight & engage children in physical activity relating to the sport of basketball. The program is designed to develop motor skills, create self confidence, and physical health. It also teaches children the ability to work in a team/class environment, promotes listening and verbal skills all in a non-competitive environment.
Class Description: Level 1 (ages 3 to 4). Level 2 (ages 3 to 5). Level 3 (ages 5-7). There are private lessons available for all ages. Call for details.
*Metro does not permit dunking or hanging on the rims or goals at any time. Offenders will be responsible for any damages*

For Current and upcoming Class Schedules, Please call Heidi at 812-479-5425.

*Start your own class. All you need is 4 children and we will open a class for you on your day & time. Call for details.*

*Private Off Site & On Site Classes can be arranged for your friends, group or organization.
Please call us at 812-479-5425 with any questions.*